Become a Well Respected, Highly Skilled, Self Defense Company Defensive Tactics Instructor

Turn your passion into profits with the most effective, cutting-edge defensive techniques tactics and training.

The Instructor Development Program at the Self Defense Company is the most comprehensive and self defense and close combat training and certification program of any private, military or government organization. Programs include training, support, placement, certification, business development and continuing education.

As a Self Defense Company Instructor you will be helping your community, unit, department or organization by teaching the critical life skill of personal protection. Unlike martial arts, which take years to master, self defense is a combination of the correct tactics and strategies with a single scope and purpose: survival. At the heart of your curriculum is Self Defense Training Systemâ„¢.

The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) is the ultimate close combat defensive tactics program. At the very least, it will get you out of trouble and in the worst case scenarios; it will ensure your survival. It is not a sport like wrestling, boxing or mixed martial arts. The SDTS is proven to accelerate combative skills with a minimum investment of time. As a Self Defense Company Instructor, you will instill a "Prepare for the worst, Hope for the Best" mentality in your students. You will enable your citizens and professionals to withstand the unthinkable. As a Self Defense Company Instructor you will be saving lives.

If accepted into the Self Defense Company Instructor Development Program you will become part of a team dedicated to helping soldiers and citizens alike live happier, safer and healthier lives.

There are three primary levels of Self Defense Company Instructor.

Self Defense Company Instructor Programs


The Professional Instructor Program

The Professional Instructor Program is the pinnacle of the Self Defense Company Instructor Program. It is a complete, hands-on, turnkey solution for becoming a certified defensive tactics instructor and building an extremely profitable defensive tactics instruction business. You will receive personal support and access to Self Defense Company resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will allow you to build your business as fast as you are willing to work. You will receive step by step, personalized guidance from the Self Defense Company Instructor Development team. You will receive step by step, personalized guidance from the Self Defense Company Instructor Development team.
   In the Professional Instructor Program you will make money "while you sleep" in the Self Defense Company Affiliate Program. This will allow you to grow exponentially and enjoy the benefits of an around the clock business. The Professional Program is a complete, turn key, self defense business solution.


The Guardian Program

The Guardian Program is for anyone instructing in a non profit environment. This includes but not limited to police departments, active military, government agencies, learning institutions, community resource assistance programs and even for-profit organizations seeking to prepare security staff, executives and employees whose work or travel may put them at risk. Qualification for this program is determined during the application process.


The Trainer Program

The Trainer Program is for motivated individuals who teach in a for-profit environment. If you are an existing martial arts school owner, personal trainer, teacher, police officer or entrepreneur who wants to increase your income, expand market reach and grow student enrollment by providing realistic self defense instruction to their community then this is the program for you.

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